Virtual Servers

We are hosting virtual servers with direct-connects to IXPs on a VMWare-based plattform. Multiple operating-systems are available and deployed via the installer. A BGP session with a full-table and a connect to the KleyReX or LocIX LAN is included. Multiple IX connections are possible on the same VM, outbound traffic is based on fair use.

Access to the console of the VM is provided via VNC and is secured by a password. The connections for transit and IXP are presented as dedicated NICs to the VM. The IPs used for peering at the IXP need to be requested directly from the specific IXP. The bandwith within the peering LAN depends on the offer of the IXP (100Mps for free at KleyReX, 1Gbps for free at LocIX), we're connected to both IXPs with 1G ports.


1 vCPU @ 2.0 GHz
20GB disk
L2 connect to KleyReX or LocIX
5€ per month


2 vCPU @ 2.0 GHz
40GB disk
L2 connect to KleyReX or LocIX
7.5€ per month


Traffic is currently fair use and we do not monitor traffic volume per VM. If the outbound traffic volume exeeds our limits we may need to charge traffic above certain limits per TB in the future.


  • KleyReX
  • LocIX


  • AS6939 - Hurricane Electric LLC
  • AS30823 - combahton GmbH
  • AS41108 - First Root UG


  • AS51861 - Eric Dorr
  • AS59411 - Pinku Daimari
  • AS205165 - Christian Dresel
  • AS208707 - Jonathan Lassoff
  • AS208970 - Fabian Blaese
  • AS209238 - Jan Gilla
  • AS209291 - Heyang Zhou